Kate Dean, M.S.

After pursuing a Fine Arts degree in in college, a love of science led me to the decision to pursue medical school. While taking preerquisites, my love for art made me rethink this decision. Luckily, I was able to find my niche when I discovered the Biomedical Visualization Masters of Science program at the University of Illionis at Chicago (UIC). Here, everything came together and my interest in computer technology, anatomy, design, science and art were all able to work together. Below are some of the services I provide:[/one_half]

  • WEB DESIGN: Design websites for non-profits and businesses.
  • ANIMATION: Skilled in both 3D and 2D software, I develop visually appealing animations to help protray complex medical or scientific information for both a professional or general audience.
  • ILLUSTRATION: Create both line or color illustrations for the medical or scientific community
  • MULTIMEDIA-INTERACTIVE: Using current interactive technologies, create interactive media that engages the user and encourages fun and interesting learning and education processes!


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